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Working conditions of cylinder liner

Working conditions of cylinder liner

2022-08-26 15:51

The inner surface of the cylinder liner is directly affected by the high temperature and high pressure gas, and always has high-speed sliding friction with the piston ring and the piston skirt. The surface is in contact with the cooling water, resulting in severe thermal stress under a large temperature difference, and is corroded by the cooling water. The side thrust of the piston on the cylinder liner not only increases its inner surface friction, but also causes it to bend. The piston also hits the cylinder liner when the side thrust changes direction. In addition, it is subject to a large installation preload.

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The gas pressure produces tangential tensile stress and radial compressive stress on the cylinder wall, and is the largest on the inner surface, all of which are high-frequency pulsating stress.
Due to the great thermal stress caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cylinder wall, compressive stress occurs on the inner surface and tensile stress exists on the cooling surface under normal temperature. However, under extremely high temperature, the metal near the inner surface will undergo creep plastic deformation, and after cooling, residual tensile stress will be formed on the inner surface. This low-frequency stress caused by starting and stopping changes will cause material fatigue.



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