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Cylinder liner for car engine

Cylinder liner for car engine

2022-09-29 14:03

The inner surface of the cylinder is very easy to wear due to the action of high temperature and high pressure gas and contact with the high-speed moving piston. When the wear exceeds the service life, it needs to be repaired. The usual maintenance method is to re-machine the cylinder and insert it into a cylinder liner made of high-quality material to restore the original geometric size.

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For the cylinder block using aluminum alloy material, since the aluminum alloy itself is not wear-resistant, the shaft steel sleeve is added when the cylinder block is manufactured.
Therefore, installing the cylinder liner avoids the direct friction between the piston connecting rod group and the cylinder block. Therefore, the service life of the engine is prolonged, and the maintenance work in the future is convenient.
The cylinder liner is an important component of the engine. The cylinder liner will wear during use. The degree of wear is one of the important technical basis for whether the engine needs to be overhauled. When the wear of the engine cylinder liner reaches a certain level, the power and fuel economy of the engine will be significantly reduced, and the oil consumption will also increase sharply, which is commonly known as engine powerlessness, oil consumption, and oil burning. Therefore, by measuring the wear condition of the cylinder liner and making an accurate judgment on whether the engine should be overhauled, it has a great effect on improving the quality of engine repair and the power and economy of the engine.



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