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How to disassemble and install the engine cylinder liner

How to disassemble and install the engine cylinder liner

2019-05-14 14:18

Usually we sometimes need to replace the engine cylinder liner, we need to have a certain understanding of the removal and installation of the cylinder liner, then how to disassemble and install the engine cylinder liner?

Engine cylinder liner removal steps:

After turning off the ignition switch, remove the battery grounding wire; drain the coolant and unplug the coolant hose from the connecting pipe on the cylinder head; remove the upper part of the intake manifold, and block the water inlet pipe on the cylinder head with a clean rag ; Remove the plug of the spark plug and loosen the clamp of the high-voltage ignition wire and the protective plate of the fuel injection valve; unplug the Hall sensor, the coolant temperature sensor, the thermal switch of the air conditioner, and the plug of the fuel injection valve; loosen the fuel distributor Unplug the vacuum hose on the fuel pressure regulator; unplug the fuel supply and return hoses on the fuel distributor, remove the wiring harness bracket and the connecting pipe/coolant pipeline on the cylinder head. Unscrew the front exhaust pipe from the exhaust pipe joint; twist the central screw at the end of the toothed belt pulley according to the engine rotation direction, remove the toothed belt upper guard; remove the toothed belt from the camshaft timing gear; remove the cylinder For the cover, loosen and unscrew the cylinder head bolts in sequence, and gently remove the cylinder head.

Engine cylinder liner installation steps:

Put a clean rag into the cylinder to prevent dirt from entering between the cylinder wall and the piston. At the same time, do not allow dirt to enter the coolant; clean the sealing surface of the cylinder head and cylinder body, and be careful not to form elongated small grooves or scratches (using sandpaper with a particle size of not less than 100); carefully wipe off the grinding residue with a rag; Set the piston of the ** cylinder at the top dead center and rotate the crankshaft in reverse; lay the cylinder gasket; install the cylinder head; install the cylinder head bolts and tighten them by hand.

Precautions before installing the engine cylinder liner:

Replace all cylinder head bolts; no oil or coolant can be placed in the blind holes on the cylinder block for screwing the cylinder head bolts; only when it is about to be installed, can the new cylinder head gasket be taken out of the package; the gasket must be taken very carefully, If it is damaged, it will cause a loose seal.



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