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Phosphating cylinder liner manufacturers talk about the importance of cylinder liner quality to repair

Phosphating cylinder liner manufacturers talk about the importance of cylinder liner quality to repair

2023-03-08 09:59

Phosphating cylinder liner manufacturers will introduce to you: In order to achieve the initial running-in without cylinder wear, the surface roughness of the cylinder liner should be reduced as much as possible when honing the cylinder liner. According to the experiment, the intersection angle θ=22-23° of the grinding texture is the best, it can obtain a larger pressure bearing surface, and at the same time has a good oil holding capacity. In order to avoid the repetition of wear marks, v reciprocating/v circle must not be an integer.

Phosphating cylinder liner manufacturers

Practice shows that the rate of metal removal during the initial run-in is related to the run-in specification. If it has not been fully run-in, once the load is suddenly increased, it is still prone to cylinder wear. In order to avoid this wear, in recent years some have proposed to increase the oil storage of the sliding surface to reduce the wear of the cylinder during the initial run-in, and it has been applied in production. Increasing the oil storage capacity of the surface has the following two aspects. (1) Reduce the surface finish. The surface finish is reduced from 9 to 7, and the cross angle θ=60°, which expands the depth of the surface bumps and creates good conditions for the friction surface to store more lubricating oil and accommodate more wear debris, thereby avoiding the initial Cylinder wear. (2) Vibration processing of the inner surface of the cylinder liner. The surface of the vibration-processed cylinder liner presents uniform convex-concave oil grooves with a width of 0.03-0.05mm and a depth of 0.005mm, so that it can form a lubricating oil film with a good running-in period and improve the cylinder resistance.

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