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What is the function of the cylinder liner

What is the function of the cylinder liner

2022-12-29 13:12

The inner surface of the cylinder is easily worn due to the action of high-temperature and high-pressure gas and the contact with the high-speed moving piston. When the wear exceeds the service life, it needs to be repaired. The usual repair method is to rework the cylinder into a cylinder liner made of high-quality materials to restore the original geometry. For the cylinder block using aluminum alloy material, since the aluminum alloy itself is not wear-resistant, a shaft steel sleeve is used when manufacturing the cylinder block.

Mazda R2 Cylinder Liner components

The cylinder head gasket is a part located between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The function of the cylinder head gasket is to fill the gap between the cylinder block and the cylinder head to ensure that the contact surface has a good seal, so that the engine combustion chamber is in a sealed state. It can also Prevent cylinder air leakage and water jacket leakage. With the continuous development of the engine, the thermal load and mechanical load of the engine continue to increase, and the airtightness of the cylinder head gasket is required to be higher and higher. The cylinder head gasket must be made of high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosion-resistant materials. The elasticity can flexibly supplement the unevenness of the joint surface, keep the sealing of the combustion chamber at all times, and ensure the good service life of the engine.



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