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Phosphating cylinder liner

Phosphating cylinder liner Wholesale Price introduces the knowledge of cast-in cylinder liner

Cast-in cylinder liner, mainly used in automobile engines, is characterized in that an irregular burr-like structure is arranged on the outer surface of the cylinder liner formed by machining.

Phosphating cylinder liner Manufacturers china tells the knowledge of wet engine cylinder liner

The wet engine cylinder liner breaks through the structural form of the traditional cylinder liner. The helical support radiator can firstly hoop the cylinder liner body, strengthen the cylinder liner body, and avoid deformation of the thinner cylinder liner body.

Phosphating cylinder liner Manufacturers china introduces the installation precautions of cylinder liner

Before the cylinder sleeve is installed in the body, the water sealing ring should be coated with alkaline soap or neutral lubricant, which will lubricate the water sealing ring and the lower seat hole of the body when the cylinder is installed, so as to prevent the water seal from being damaged, rolled, and dislocated. and other abnormal phenomena;

Phosphating cylinder liner on sales introduces the phenomenon of cylinder liner pulling

The mechanism of cylinder damage is mostly due to the local damage of the lubricating oil film on the sliding part. At this time, metal contact occurs at the protruding parts of the two relatively moving surfaces, and then a small "burning" phenomenon occurs locally. The relative motion is torn apart again.

Phosphating cylinder liner on salesIntroduce the reasons why the cylinder liner is knocked

Too low fuel injection pressure, fuel dripping from the injector, poor atomization of fuel injection, and too late fuel supply time will all cause poor fuel combustion and cause cylinder knocking. The knocking sound caused by this type of failure is low and hoarse, accompanied by engine overheating, black smoke or exhaust pipe firing, fire and other phenomena.
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