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Classification of Cylinder Liner

Classification of Cylinder Liner

2023-01-30 15:25

Cylinder Liner is divided into two categories: dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner. The cylinder liner whose back side does not contact the cooling water is called a dry cylinder liner, and the cylinder liner whose back side is in contact with cooling water is a wet cylinder liner. The dry cylinder liner has a thinner thickness, simple structure and convenient processing.

Cylinder Liner

The wet cylinder liner directly contacts the cooling water, so it is beneficial to the cooling of the engine and contributes to the miniaturization and weight reduction of the engine.

Process flow of Cylinder Liner

Cylinder barrel: blanking----rough turning---heat treatment (quenching and tempering)----turning (flat head chamfering)----rough pushing inner hole---rolling inner hole----turning (External circle open socket)----car inner hole stop----welding cylinder bottom----car (outer circle) and internal galvanized or chrome-plated according to needs

Executive standard

The production implementation standard of Phosphating cylinder liner is GB/T1150-2010. This standard is applicable to wet cast iron cylinder liners of reciprocating piston internal combustion engines with a cylinder liner diameter less than or equal to 200mm.

The national standard of Dry cylinder liner is still JB/NQ 56.1~56.3-87, and the general dry cylinder liner wall thickness is 4mm.




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