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What is Iveco Cylinder Liner

What is Iveco Cylinder Liner

2023-02-27 15:26

Iveco Cylinder Liner is a cylindrical part, which is placed in the cylinder block hole of the machine body, and is pressed and fixed by the cylinder head. The piston reciprocates in its inner hole and is cooled by cooling water outside.

Iveco Cylinder Liner

The functions of Iveco Cylinder Liner are:
1. Together with the cylinder head and piston, it forms the working space of the cylinder.
2. The cylinder liner of the cylindrical piston diesel engine bears the side thrust of the piston and becomes the lead of the reciprocating motion of the piston.
3. Transfer the heat of the piston assembly and itself to the cooling water to make it work at an appropriate temperature.
4. The cylinder liner of the two-stroke diesel engine is equipped with an air port, which is opened and closed by the piston to complete the air distribution.
The inner surface of the Iveco Cylinder Liner is directly affected by high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and constantly produces high-speed sliding friction with the piston ring and piston skirt. The surface is in contact with cooling water, and severe thermal stress occurs under a large temperature difference, which is corroded by cooling water. The side thrust of the piston to the cylinder liner not only aggravates its internal surface friction, but also makes it bend. When the side thrust changes direction, the piston also hits the cylinder liner. In addition, it is subject to a large device preload.



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